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ACE Engineering & Technology

Challenge and Passion

Based on the slogans of Challenge and Passion, the company focused on shipbuilding and offshore engineering design since its foundation in 2004.
We also expanded our business to the field of IT, Floating Offshore Wind Power, and the development of chemical cleaning solutions.
We will continue to grow as a leading company in related industries in the future.
We are growing into a knowledge-based company with the manufacturing and the 4th industry, and we will challenge the global market with the following four progressive goals.

First, as a specialized engineering company, the challenge of advanced engineering design technology and the development of new technology.

Second, a challenge to make the smart applications possible in the field without custom software and “wall of information” on the manufacturing base.

Third, announce the first commercialization model of the offshore floating wind turbine system in Korea and challenge the realization of on-site installation through this.

Fourth, a challenge to protect human life and industrial property through development with a “preventive solution” for electric fires.

We will become a company that contributes to the national development by growing into a company that shares social responsibility and local communities by producing a lot of knowledge-based prepared talents.

CEO Kim Dae-Hwan