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ACE Engineering & Technology

Project Name Project Period
Operating System Development of the Outfitting Assembly for the Advancement of the Production Process of Shipbuilding and Offshore Plant 2017.06~2018.12
Piping Coordinate Measurement Device of Shipbuilding and Offshore and Development of Modeling Support System 2018.06~2019.06
Development of Design Technology for 5MW Class Large Floating Offshore Wind Power System 2018.06~2020.05
Development of 3D Scan-Based Driving Robot for Shipbuilding Welding Line and its Integrated Solution 2019.11~2021.10
VR-Based Process Pre-Validation for Shipbuilding and Offshore Plant and 3D Input Device Development 2018.06~2020.05
Development of Disaster Safety Response System for Special Workshop such as Shipbuilding & Offshore Plant 2018.11~2020.11
Product Advancement by Improving PRMS (Process Real-Time Monitoring System) for Technology Information 2019.11~2020.10
Self-Measurement, Design Automation and Commercialization of Razor-Vision-Based for Shipbuilding and Offshore Structure 2019.08~2020.12