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ACE Engineering & Technology


Job opening process

New Recruits

The New Recruits of Ace E&T is conducted in the second half of every year (October, November).
You can apply for a job at the job announcement on the web.

Career Recruitment Process

The recruitment of careered employees of Ace E&T is hired whenever necessary by the company.
You can apply for a job at the job announcement on the web.

Personnel System

  • Annual Salary System

    In the uniform salary system, the annual salary evaluated according to the ability and performance of each person's achievement evaluation, and the compensation will be compensated as much as you do through continuous self-development and effort.

  • Balanced Personnel System

    Recruitment of diverse talents without discrimination such as women, the disabled, local talents, majors, etc.

  • Merit System

    In the promotion, the length of service is no important. Once you have the ability and qualifications, you can promote and grow up regardless of the service length. Also, we have excluded seniority factors by implementing a referral system to provide employees with excellent skills and performance opportunities for growth. Ace is implementing a personnel system to encourage promotion through fair and objective evaluation.

  • Education And Training

    Efforts to build a systematic education system by recognizing the importance of new employee OT, OJT, hierarchical, skill-specific, self-development training, overseas training, and talent training and investment for the development of internal employees' capabilities

  • Job Change

    We make it possible to work with the full utilization of each employee's abilities and potential, and also switch jobs if you wish while on the job.

  • Profit Sharing System

    Operating an incentive system separate from annual salary under a system that shares/allocates the management performance and profits achieved by the efforts of employees.

Welfare Benefits

  • Selective Benefit System
  • Home Loan
  • Leave and Expenditure for congratulations and condolence
  • Gifts Assistance
  • Parking Lot
  • Gasoline Assistance
  • Medical Assistance
  • Employee Association and Mutual Aid
  • Overseas Training Assistance
  • Award for Long Service and Best Employee