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ACE Engineering & Technology

The PMS (Process Monitoring System) makes it easy to manage and check the hull and outfitting models, and easy to prepare and manage work orders, thereby increasing the work understanding of field workers to increase work efficiency.

Assembly Simulation Function

By pre-simulating the assembly and installation before building, it improves the understanding of the work and provides the ability to pre-verify through a lot of information.

Function of interference check

There are general interference, onboard interference, and multiple interferences, and these features allow you to perform interference checks between selected models.

Distribution function

It provides the ability to deliver new valued information to production workers by creating DWOs that visualize 3D shapes, work order, volume, distribution, air transport, cost, and process.

DWO issuing function

The method of outputting work instructions in existing text format and providing information to production workers provides a function to output digital work instructions including 3D shape images of each section, assembly procedure, and physical quantity information.